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SAN ANTONIO PROMOCIONES is a family business group, settled in Elche, counting with almost 40 years of experience in the consruction sector, property development and real estate sales in the Province of Alicante.

Our role as developers, builders and sellers approaches us to the customer without any intermediary, facilitating an integral management throughout all the purchasing process and providing a direct and close dealing. Controlling and making sure that the quality is present throughout all the development stages of our housing.

We are a solvent company, with extensive experience and future projection which main objective is offering our customers accurately designed housing, a selection of the highest quality materials and a building execution with the highest quality standards in all its stages.

Our best cover letter is the satisfaction of our customers throughout all these years.

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Edificio San Antonio

Viviendas de 1, 3 y 4 dormitorios junto a El Corte Inglés. Zona chill-out y piscina en terraza. Disfruta de vistas despejadas en la mejor zona de expansión de Elche.

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San Antonio Residential Area

7 duplex housing in an already built residential complex with all kinds of services: 4 swimming pools, children's play areas, padel courts, sport areas, parking spots and especially…Really close to the sea! Learn a little more about the residential area on this video.

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